Are the Los Angeles Dodgers Becoming the New York Yankees?

Matt Kemp
Kelly L. Cox-US Presswire

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a loaded baseball team. So loaded, in fact, that they’ve established themselves as the favorites to win the National League. But are the Dodgers now becoming like the New York Yankees? Will money be no object on their way to winning and building a dynasty? It appears to be a reality.

While it is hard not to love Magic Johnson, his involvement with the ownership of the Dodgers speaks volumes. While Johnson may have been struck with bad luck over 20 years ago with the announcement he’s HIV positive, since that time he’s become a smart, shrude and wealthy business man – all of this while maintaining a warm and inviting smile. Don’t kid yourself, though – Johnson is a driven man that wants to win, and the Dodgers are giving him that second chance. While Johnson isn’t the sole owner, he’s the ownership group’s most visible member.

Since spending almost $2 billion on the team, the group has been on a spending tear. This includes acquiring Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez from the Boston Red Sox. Then they made Zach Greinke the richest pitcher in baseball. They want to become baseball’s elite franchise and are sparing no expense to get the Dodgers to that level. What makes this even more interesting is how the power of baseball may be shifting to Los Angeles altogether, with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim also not exactly taking things on the cheap. The traditional idea of a Subway Series may be shifting to a Car Pool Lane Battle.

With the Dodgers biggest rivals the San Francisco Giants winning the last two out of three World Series titles, you know the Dodgers are just about fed up.

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