Baltimore Orioles Should Add Kelly Johnson as Insurance

By Christopher Gamble
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles are entering the 2013 season depending on a healthy comeback from second baseman Brian Roberts. However, it seems Roberts has suffered some setbacks this off-season, bringing his ability to contribute this season into question yet again.

The Orioles need to have a valid backup plan for Roberts in case he isn’t healthy enough to start the season or suffers another injury. They do have Ryan Flaherty and Alexi Casilla on the roster, but if Roberts goes down for an extended period of time they might want someone with more offense than Flaherty and Casilla.

There are some available free agents that would make a lot of sense for the Orioles. Ryan Theriot or Kelly Johnson would make a lot of sense. There is just no way the Orioles can trust Roberts, 35, to be a main cog on the team moving forward. Between his concussion history and now his hip surgery, there are too many questions surrounding Roberts. If he is healthy, just how good can he be?

Johnson played last season with the Toronto Blue Jays and hit 16 home runs while hitting .225/.313/.365, and would enjoy hitting in the cozy comforts of Camden Yards. Theriot would also be a decent addition, but his power numbers are, well, when I find them I’ll let you know. Theriot has a total of 17 home runs in his career, and seven of those came in 2009. He is strictly a singles hitter who occasionally hits it hard enough to get to second base.

Johnson is who the Orioles should bring in as insurance for Roberts. Johnson is a career .255 hitter who should benefit from a move to Camden Yards. He is decent enough with the glove so he won’t be an embarrassment there.

The Orioles need to do something. The possibility of going an entire season with Ryan Flaherty at second can’t give Orioles fans warm feelings. Johnson is available and the Orioles have a need.

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