Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein Should Be Drug Tested


I literally spit out my coffee when I read the following statement today…

It’s postseason or bust every year. That’s what our goal is. That said, we’re obviously building for something greater, which is a time when we can expect to get into the postseason every year. Behind the scenes, regardless of the results, there’s progress being made. But as far as 2013, you can define it as a success or failure by whether we make the postseason, and ultimately whether we win the World Series.

This did not come from a moronic Chicago Cubs fan, or even Chicago White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson pretending to be a Cubs fan; it came from none other than Cubs President of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein.

While I appreciate and embrace optimism, this goes beyond what any sane baseball fan is actually thinking. How could Epstein think this team has any chance of contending, or even coming close to being .500? It is now January 17th, 2013, and I’ve eliminated the Cubs from contention. AND I AM A CUBS FAN!

There’s is absolutely no reason to feel good about this team. Even with Alfonso Soriano,  Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo showing signs of being a solid major leaguer, there’s very little to any hope of scoring runs when these three are not at the plate. The starting pitching has a lot of below-average up and down the rotation and the bullpen is BAD. So how does Epstein expect the Cubs to contend? Where is he finding this magical cure for this team that lost 100 games?

The only thing I can hope for this season is the Cubs are less painful to watch than last year. But this will be another painful season. Sorry Theo, but you’re full of crap.

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