Welcome to the American League, Houston Astros!

Jose Altuve Houston Astros
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Is there any reason for fans of the Houston Astros to feel good about their team, or their move to the American League in 2013? Is there any way that the worst team in baseball from last season will get better this season? These two questions seem to both get a loud NO, but that won’t stop the Astros from playing baseball.

Well if you love Carlos Peña, that is your big offseason addition. His .197 average last season for the Tampa Bay Rays is kinda low, even for the Astros’ standards. The fact that the Astros haven’t done anything to make this team better shows there’s not a big commitment to winning. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I actually feel bad for their fans. But heck, at least they’ve been to a World Series in 2005 (and of course lost to those darn Chicago White Sox).

OK, so the Astros have one player that commands respect. Jose Altuve is one of baseball’s better players. The second baseman hit .290 last season, and was the one and only reason to watch this Houston squad. If the Astros are on your schedule, you’ll appreciate Altuve as a grinder and a gamer. The only other player that has a shot is Brett Wallace, who showed some power with nine home runs in 66 games. J.D. Martinez is a name you might want to know as well. Other than that, this is a very talented-deprived roster.

I am thinking that this 2013 version of the Astros may set a record for the most losses in baseball history. If they somehow don’t reach that mark, they’ll at least be close to it.

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