WIll Albert Pujols Have His Biggest Season in 2013? [Check Editor's note]

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signing Albert Pujols to a ten-year, $240 million contract was perhaps the biggest free agent move ever in sports. While Pujols got off to a slow start, he finished the year strong with a .285 average and 30 HRs. Considering the horrific slump he experienced his first few months, it was an amazing ending to a horrible start of the season. Now that Pujols has figured things out, there’s no telling how good he’s going to be. If I had to guess, I am calling him the AL MVP in 2013.

With a team that includes superstar outfielder Mike Trout and newly-acquired Josh Hamilton, the Angels have some real danger in their lineup. But this time, the team will rise and fall with Pujols. And I think they’ll rise with Pujols leading the charge.

There’s no doubting Pujols’ natural talent. He’s the best right-handed hitter in the last 50 years in baseball. There’s no hitter that strikes more fear in opposing pitchers than Pujols. It just took him a little time to figure things out with the added pressure of his large contract, but now he’s comfortable and ready to rock-and-roll.

Fans of the Angels are going to enjoy a lot of high-scoring baseball this season. They’re going to see the Angels pound teams into submission. And leading the charge will be their slugging first baseman. It is not out of the question that this could be his best season in an already-ridiculous career.

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