Colorado Rockies Need Help in Rotation

By Christopher Gamble


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret around Colorado Rockies are still searching for pitching help. Right now Jorge De La Rosa, Jeff Francis, Drew Pomeranz, Tyler Chatwood, Christian Friedrich, Jhoulys Chacin, and Juan Nicasio are all going to be fighting for a spot in the Rockies’ rotation.

None of those names really frighten anyone and the best pitcher remaining on the market is Kyle Lohse but his addition to the Rockies is unlikely. Instead, the Rockies have been focused on Derek Lowe, who wants to return to starting, Brandon Webb, who hasn’t pitched in the Majors since 2009, and Freddy Garcia, who was relegated to the New York Yankees bullpen before injuries forced him back into the rotation where he pitched well.

Webb might offer the most upside considering he did win a Cy Young Award in 2006 but the risk is enormous. Even if the Rockies do sign Webb how much can they count on him moving forward? However, Webb, who was one of the best ground ball pitchers in baseball, could excel in Colorado.

Freddy Garcia is an intriguing option but he is no better than a fifth starter at this point. His ability to keep the ball inside the park might be an issue in Colorado but he won’t be expensive and he might be able to be signed to a minor league contract.

Who knows what Derek Lowe has to offer at this point. He will turn 40 on June 1st and wasn’t very good last season as a starter.

Instead of looking at retreads, although one can’t argue with any team bringing Webb in on a low-risk contract, the Rockies need to find someone who can at least be depended upon. That means they need to look at the best remaining free agents. Maybe the lack of interest in Kyle Lohse means you can get him at a fair price for a couple of seasons. Perhaps Jair Jurrjens can be had on a one-year contract as he tries to battle back from injuries.

Jurrjens wasn’t very good last season but if he is healthy he might be a more than serviceable pitcher for the Rockies who wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

There isn’t much left out there which leaves the Rockies to pick over the leavings. However, every once in a while you find a gem in the discard pile. The question is which of these pitchers would be the best fit for the Rockies?

Webb and Jurrjens have the most upside and the most questions surrounding them. The Rockies should probably bring them in and hope they can offer something of an upgrade over the players currently fighting for a rotation spot.

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