Kyle Lohse Getting Short End Of Stick In Free Agency

By Andy Schmidt
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Rafael Soriano signing, there is just one major free agent pitcher left for Major League Baseball teams to look at before the 2013 starts – Kyle Lohse. The interesting thing is that Lohse doesn’t seem to have the interest I thought he would. It could be because teams have to give up a draft pick to get Lohse, but that should be no excuse. Who wouldn’t want a pitcher that went 16-3 in 2012? I know I would want him on my team.

Lohse has the talent to pitch in either the National League or American League, but still can’t get a job. It is starting to sound a lot like collusion from the mid-80s. This is obviously not true, but with the lack of contract offers, it seems that way. Lohse should have got a four or five-year contract worth $70 million by now before any other free agent not named Zack Greinke. I don’t know what teams are waiting for with Lohse, but spring training isn’t far off now.

If Lohse gets to February without a job, there will be questions asked by a lot of people. The talent is there for Lohse and he will help some team be better than they were in 2012, but who will sign him? I could see both teams in LA going after Lohse, as both are on the verge of being World Series contenders. This offseason has been a weird one, but this Lohse thing is really bugging me and hopefully he finds a new team soon.

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