Mike Morse's Expectations With Seattle Mariners In 2013

By Devin O'Barr

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners won just 75 games in the 2012 MLB season and had just one player hit more than 19 home runs. Looking for some more power, the Mariners made a deal with the Washington Nationals to bring back OF and 1B Michael Morse.

Morse had a career season in 2011, hitting .303 and leaving the yard 31 times however, he missed 60 games in 2012 with only 18 home runs. The writing was on the wall for Morse as the Nationals were stock-piled at first base and the outfield after re-signing Adam Laroche earlier in the week. The Mariners were on a mission this off-season to bring in players that can drive in runs, as players like Kendry Morales and Raul Ibanez are now in Seattle.

Unfortunately, Morse and company may not like what they see once they’ve played a few games in Seattle.  Morse nailed 12 opposite field home runs with the Nationals in 2012; however, Safeco Field did not see a single opposite field home run by a right hander last season. I have my doubts that Morse will take kindly to a team that he has already struggled for–Morse played 107 games with the Mariners earlier in his career, where he hit just three home runs in 300 at-bats.

Morse is in a contract year, so some extra motivation is there for the 30-year-old slugger in 2013. I see Morse producing around 25 home runs, 80 RBI and a few missed games as he has been no stranger to the disabled list in his career.

Switching to the more difficult American League, Morse’s fantasy value will drop. That said, if he plays like he did in 2011 this season, he could be a late-round snag.

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