Atlanta Braves Entire Season at Play in World Baseball Classic

Craig Kimbrel Atlanta Braves

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The World Baseball Classic is big news this year as it usually is when it comes around. For the Atlanta Braves, there are at least four players already lined up to participate. That is really exciting on so many levels. Also, it is a little bit scary. The big players as of now representing are Craig Kimbrel, Martin Prado, Andrelton Simmons and Kris Medlen. My goodness, take a look at those names Braves fans. I’m as patriotic as the next guy when the Classic comes around but you’ve got to know the Braves staff is going to be stressed every time one of these four are in play.

Think of the impact it would have if just one of these four were injured because they skipped part of Spring Training to play for their country. Kris Medlen is on his way to being the best young starter in the game. Greg Maddux comparisons just don’t get thrown around daily guys and gals. Are we sure we want him out there? I personally would rather think of him laughing and taking it easy in Florida at Disney World.

Martin Prado got hurt a few years ago and with him went the Braves playoff hopes that year. Let’s just resolve ourselves to say he is extremely important this year, even more so because of the loss of Chipper Jones to retirement. Simmons is going to be a base hit vacuum at short for a while and who knows how good his bat will be? Let’s not even talk about how puckered I get when I think about so many more hard throwing outings for Kimbrel. Please, from all of the Braves fans looking for you all to be big in October, don’t get yourselves injured in March!

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