Did the Los Angeles Dodgers Overpay for Zach Greinke?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When I heard that Zach Greinke received the biggest contract ever for a starting pitcher, I actually did a double-take. Greinke, the highest paid player in baseball? Are they just interested in spending money without really thinking about the consequences?

OK, Greinke is a good pitcher. But he’s also been a not-so-good MLB pitcher. This guy has dealt with anxiety issues off the field, so do you think it’s a good idea for him to take baseball’s largest contract in its second largest media market? That is like laying out in the sun and wondering why your skin is burned. There’s a point where money shouldn’t be your only motivator. How about enjoying your life? Greinke just added about 1,000 layers of pressure to his career.

Greinke received a six-year, $159 million deal. His career record is 91-78 with an ERA of 3.77. While that certainly is solid, it isn’t a guy worthy of that type of contract. Literally, as I write this, I am shaking my head. $26.5 million per season for six years. I am making my son a starting pitcher.

Look, the Dodgers are a loaded team and Greinke makes them better. There’s no reason why they won’t contend for a World Series this season, and Greinke will be a huge part of it. But as we learned with the Philadelphia Phillies last season, sometimes you can try and be too good. While I think having too much talent is a problem I would like my favorite team the Chicago Cubs to have, I just think the Dodgers are trying to become the New York Yankees. And the more you spend, the more pressure builds around your team. Welcome to the pressure cooker, Mr. Greinke!

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