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Earl Weaver Leaves Great Legacy

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few managers that every fan of Major League Baseball remembers without much thought. One of those managers passed away on Saturday in former Baltimore Orioles legend Earl Weaver. Weaver died while on a cruise at the age of 82 of a heart attack and will be remembered for so many things on and off the field.

Weaver was arguably one of the best managers of all-time with just one losing season in his career along with a World Series title. Weaver though will be best remembered for his famous rants against umpires, throwing his hat around or screaming at any umpire he didn’t like after a bad call. The part of Weaver I will remember most vividly is something that didn’t even go on the air. There was an edition of “Manager’s Corner” that Weaver recorded in Baltimore that was done as a prank that involved Weaver giving off-color answers to various questions. Every time I hear that, I’m in stitches with laughter being too young to have seen Weaver actually manage a game so that’s my Weaver memory.

There won’t be another Earl Weaver without any doubt. Fans of baseball should take an opportunity to remember Weaver after his death and all the managers he spawned with on-field antics over the past number of years. If there wasn’t an Earl Weaver, we probably would have never seen the kind of explosions by other managers throughout baseball. This is a sad day for baseball all over and especially in Baltimore where I can almost guarantee that some patch will be on the Orioles’ jerseys in 2013.

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