Top MLB Players Eligible For Arbitration In 2013

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Top Players Eligible For Arbitration In 2013

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Arbitration in the MLB is an interesting thing. Arbitration begins when a player has three or more years of service but less than six years. For the most part, most players that file for arbitration usually get what they want. A lot of teams don’t want to go through the lengthy process of arbitration.

A player will, most of the time, see his salary increase from the previous year. For example, the centerfielder for the Chicago White Sox, Alejandro De Aza received a huge pay raise from the White Sox. In 2012 he only earned $495,000. After he signed the one year contract with the White Sox his salary jumped. For 2013 he will earn $2.075 million. Like I said, it can be a huge payday for some players.

Since 1974, when a player does go to arbitration the arbiter has rule in favor of the player 214 times. An arbiter has ruled in favor of a club 286 times. According to, over 90% of players that have filed for arbitration reach an agreement with the club before there is ever a hearing. Players don’t always like to go arbitration since they might not get what they want.

However, that isn’t always the case. Take for example the case of Ryan Howard. In 2008, Howard field for arbitration since he didn’t like what the Philadelphia Phillies offered him. Most didn’t think that Howard would receive the amount of money that he wanted. Well most people were wrong. The arbiter awarded Howard $10 million which is still the largest amount an arbiter has awarded a player.

I wanted to take a look at players eligible for arbitration in 2013. Some of the players on the list have already signed with their team. I added those players as well.

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Jim Johnson

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Johnson wanted a significant increase from his salary in 2012. One can see why he led the MLB with 51 saves. Johnson is asking for $7.1 million. The Baltimore Orioles have countered with an offer of $5.7 million.

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Max Scherzer

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Scherzer wants a pay raise from what he was making in 2012. Scherzer is asking for $7.4 million. The Detroit Tigers are countering that with $6.05 million. An interesting fact, since the Dave Dombrowski became general manager the Tigers have never gone to arbitration with a player.

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Jason Vargas

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Vargas avoided arbitration. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signed Vargas for $8.5 million.

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Chase Headley

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Headley knows how important he is to the San Diego Padres. He wants a big pay raise because of it. He would like $10.3 million. The Padres countered with $7.075 million. That’s a small difference, so we shall see if the Padres sign him for what he wants or if they are willing to risk arbitration.

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Buster Posey

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Posey avoided arbitration. The San Francisco Giants signed him for $8 million at a one year deal. Expect Posey to make even more after 2013. I highly doubt the Giants are going to let him walk after his one year deal is over.

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David Freese

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I know most didn’t expect Freese to make this list, but I think he is pretty important to the St. Louis Cardinals. He is coming off of an All-Star season. Freese would like $3.75 million. The Cardinals have countered with an offer of $2.4 million.

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This is the last year that Choo is eligible for arbitration and he would like to make a big payday. He has requested $8 million. The Cincinnati Reds have countered with $6.75 million.

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Jordan Zimermann

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Zimmerman is requesting $5.8 million in 2013. The Washington Nationals have countered that offer with $4.6 million.

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Matt Wieters

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Wieters avoided arbitration. The Baltimore Orioles signed him to a one year deal at $5.5 million. Just like Posey, I expect Wieters to make more after this season.

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Joel Hanarahan

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Hanrahan avoided arbitration. The Boston Red Sox signed him to a one year deal at $7.04 million.