Who Will Play Left Field for the Detroit Tigers?

By Eric Carlisle
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Detroit Tigers will have a very solid lineup in 2013 but the one position that’s a question mark is left field. As it stands now, the Tigers will most likely start Andy Dirks alongside Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter. Most people are not sold on Dirks as an everyday player but more as a platoon player that would face right handers, which would leave a position open for someone else play against lefties.

Personally I’m a big Dirks fan and wish they would give him more at-bats against lefties, the only way he’s going to get better is if they give him more at-bats. It’s not even that he was that bad against lefties in 2012, he hit .274 in 73 at-bats. Not exactly ripping the ball but at the same time not awful, and I think they can afford to give him a few more swings. The bigger question is who will take the place in left field against the left handers?

Really the only person that makes sense is Avisail Garcia, the 21-year-old that got his big league shot at the end of August in 2012. He had limited at-bats but he seemed to have success against lefties, in his 30 at-bats he hit .333. As it stands there is no easy choice but the good news for Detroit is that they don’t need huge production out of that position.

Austin Jackson is coming off a big year and they have the new face in Torii Hunter that should bring some nice offense. Of course you can’t forget the “Big Fellas” in the middle of the lineup, Prince Fielder and the Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. If they can get anything out of Dirks and Garcia they should be fine. If they can make pitchers throw a lot of pitches and get on base every once in a while I would see that as a win. When it comes down to it, the Tigers will not lose because of the left field position. This should be an interesting story moving forward through spring training.

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