Kansas City Royals Finally Release Times for 2013 Games

By Bandon Decker
Opening Day
Denny Medley – US Presswire

The Kansas City Royals were one of the last teams to announce the times for their home games in 2013, but they finally did so this week. It’s a bit frustrating that it has taken so long; I am aware that things such as possible television times need to be worked out, but in general one can make a rough guess of what they will be when the schedule is released. It really shouldn’t take three months to work out and for several other teams it did not.

Still, they did finally get around to it and there are no real shocks. The home opener will start at 15.10 as it usually does and happily this year Opening Day (an away game) will also start in the afternoon after the absurdity of the 21.05 start to the 2012 season. The Royals have preserved their usual set up of 19.10 starts to most weekday games, 18.10 starts on Saturday and 13.10 starts on Sundays.

The interest lies in the exceptions, of course, and the Royals actually have fewer weekend day games than they have had in years past. Often we have seen midweek games in April usually scheduled for the afternoons (it can get rather chilly at night in early April in Kansas City), but not this year. The only afternoon game in April this year is the home opener itself. The Royals have continued the custom of playing an afternoon game on the May Bank Holiday and on Labor Day in September as well.

Although there isn’t a lot in the way of surprise, the fact that the schedule is now that much more complete is a sign that Spring Training is ever closer.

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