Detroit Tigers and Max Scherzer Discussing Deal

By Eric Carlisle
H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY

The Detroit Tigers and Max Scherzer are trying to work out a one-year deal for 2013 to avoid arbitration, but it seems that they are not on the same page when it comes to terms. The Tigers have recently made deals with players such as Austin Jackson, Doug Fister and Alex Avila, and hope to have a deal done with Scherzer before the arbitration hearings in February.

Since Dave Dombrowski has become the general manager over a decade ago, the Tigers have never went to arbitration, and they hope to continue that streak in 2013. It’s reported that the Tigers filed at $6.05 million for a one-year deal and Scherzer filed at $7.4 million. They still have some time to work out a deal before the hearings in early February, and most experts believe they will agree before that date. If it were to go to arbitration, the arbitrator would pick a one of the two salaries filed, and neither side wants it to come to that, so look for a deal to be made somewhere in the middle of those two numbers.

Earlier this month, the Tigers and Rick Porcello agreed to terms on a one year deal worth $5.1 million for the 2013 season. The young 24-year old right handed pitcher, who had 10 wins in 2012, will be making $5 million next year, but they don’t want to pay Scherzer, who won 16 games, around $7 million for next year? Something seems wrong with this picture to me.

I understand that Porcello is young and that he’s been one of the top prospects in the Tigers organization for a while now, but I don’t see enough improvement to make me want to spend that much money on the guy. He has a WHIP of over 1.40 for his career so far, and hasn’t had an ERA under 4.50 since his rookie season. This will be his fourth season in the majors and he still has not developed a true strikeout pitch and is still primarily a pitch-to-contact type of pitcher, which will not work well in Detroit. The Tigers have been shopping him for a trade almost all winter so maybe he won’t even be on the roster for opening day, but it seems silly to me that they are willing to throw all that money at Porcello but are being cheap with Scherzer.

One way or the other, Scherzer will get his money and will be pitching for Detroit this coming season, and that’s something to be excited about as a Tigers fan.

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