MLBPA To Take Action If Miami Marlins Do Not Increase Payroll

By Ryan Gaydos
Jeffrey Loria Miami Marlins Owner
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports

The Major League Baseball Players Association is set to complain to the uppers of the MLB if Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria does not increase the team’s payroll in the near future. The MLBPA fears that Loria is pocketing money made from revenue sharing instead of spending it on getting more talent on the Marlins team. The Marlins cut its payroll down to $35 million in the offseason with trades involving the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays.

The Marlins and the MLBPA had the same kind of issue settled a few years ago when the association thought Loria was pocketing the same revenue sharing money. That issue ended with the Marlins agreeing to jack up payroll instead of being penalized from baseball. The union could move to press the same issue.

However, some believe that MLB would side with the Marlins if it has to come to that, mainly because the Marlins are getting much less in revenue sharing than the team was a few years ago. The team also stands to see a decrease in attendance with the way the team has been managed lately.

Miami made very controversial moves this offseason, trading every big-name player they signed prior to the 2012 season. In return, the team got average prospects and have seen a few happy players turned disgruntled. Loria has become the new evil owner in baseball, and who knows what is in store for this team come the 2013 season.\

All that is known is that no player is actually untouchable.

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