What To Expect From Mike Redmond For Miami Marlins In 2013

By Devin O'Barr

2012 in the MLB was one of the strangest years in terms of rookie managers having success, as two clubs took a chance on a younger manager with no experience, with each working out. The Miami Marlins are now looking to repeat what the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox did at the manger position last season.

On November 1st, 41-year old Mike Redmond signed a three year contract to manage the Marlins. Redmond is just three seasons removed from donning his own catchers mask and shin-guards, as he last played for the Cleveland Indians in 2010. Now the youngest manager in the league, Redmond will have his hands full with a team that cleaned house this winter.

In my mind, this hire is a stretch as Redmond has no managerial experience and is leading a team with little talent. Both Robin Ventura and Mike Matheny enjoyed success in their first years at the helm, however, comparing these managers to Redmond is like comparing apples to oranges.

Redmond is taking over a team with half of the talent the managers above enjoyed in their first years–for instance, Matheny took over a team that had just won a World Series.

Redmond will be able to relate to the younger players better than most, but he still lacks in-game experience and an overall vision that the Marlins so desperately need. Similarly to the Ozzie Guillen fiasco last summer, I see this hire ending quickly and on a sour note as the Marlins will be lucky to win 80 games.

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