Wrigley Field Renovations In Early Stages For Chicago Cubs

By Devin O'Barr
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Fans who attended the 28th annual Chicago Cubs Convention were in for a treat in 2013, as renderings of a possible Wrigley Field makeover were displayed.

Built in 1914, the landmark has undergone changes in the past however, this five-year, $300M project would give the traditional MLB ballpark a much-needed facelift.

For Cub fans who are already agonizing at the thought of losing the old-school feel – fear not, as Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney hit on just that during the convention.

Kenney assured the public that “the marquee, the ivy, the scoreboard, we’d be the last ones who would want to touch those,” which is great news in my mind. Wrigley Field is an absolutely perfect place to watch a game, and I would remain content if it never changed. One the other hand, something can be said for improving something already so historic.

Now, the construction deal has not yet been implemented as the Ricketts family would still like Chicago to ease some of its restrictions before they jump head first into such a vast ordeal. Those restrictions include things like street closings if necessary, more night games, and the freedom to host as many concerts as they would like.

While the Ricketts transformation may seem like a steadfast modern-day approach, I hope it doesn’t take away from the ambiance that constantly surrounds Wrigely Field. In the past, fans have not taken well to signage around the ballpark, but Kenney believes their is more marketing to be done claiming “the ability to add some of the marketing elemets, we need.”

Time will tell if Wrigley Field slowly turns into a strip mall, or if it retains its historic glow.

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