Washington Nationals Need To Let Stephen Strasburg Pitch

By Devin O'Barr
Beck Diefenbach-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals made a big decision in 2012 when they decided to monitor Stephen Strasburg’s pitch count and completely shut him down once the playoffs hit. I was not a big fan of the team’s actions in the postseason and stand firm with the mindset that the babysitting needs to stop.

Strasburg is one of the MLB‘s most dominate pitchers when on the mound and coming into 2013 if the Nationals let him he will be able to win a Cy Young.

After watching injuries to both Kerry Wood and Mark Prior cripple the Chicago Cubs chances at a dynasty in the early 2000s I can understand the Nationals concern about career-ending injury but I don’t condone it.

Strasburg is a 24-year-old grown man who can make his own decisions on whether or not he feels good enough to pitch.

For those of you who are drawing the cross-sport comparison to the Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins please save your breath. RG3 was noticeably wounded in this year’s AFC divisional game versus the Seattle Seahawks while Strasburg could’ve easily given the Nationals a spark in the postseason.

Nonetheless, a new year is upon us and the Nationals are given another opportunity to handle Strasburg the best way.

Look for the ace to improve upon the 15 wins, 3.16 ERA and 197 strikeouts he had in 2012 but, if he remains under Nationals control the relationship will end rather sour. The Nationals are primed to repeat as NL East champions as everyone is returning and Strasburg will be available for all of the team’s games.


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