Jerry Sands is Lending a Hand

By Ben Leven
Jerry Sands MLB

The title is incredibly lame and cheesy, but I couldn’t resist–rhyming is too much fun. According to an article from Eastern Wake News, Pittsburgh Pirate’s left fielder and first baseman Jerry Sands is helping out with the youth by coaching baseball. Sands has given his time to young, aspiring baseball players in one on one coaching sessions. It’s a gift and an experience that these youngsters will never forget, I’m sure.

When and why did this all start? In between seasons, Sands was just looking for another means of income and so he figured why not coach?

“I just wanted to see where it would go,” he said. “I appreciated the help I got when I was younger, so I figure if I can help these kids out with some fundamentals while they are younger, it will definitely help.”

It really is refreshing to see MLB players take their time to help nurture and care for the passion of these young children. Much of Sands’ off season time has been devoting to teaching these kids, leaving this player incredibly booked. Nevertheless, with the season’s approach, Sands is still working hard to training kids from ages seven up to high school.

Although most of the kids he trains are young, they know who Sands is and can appreciate it where the knowledge and wisdom is coming from. I have to give it to Sands. Instead of spending the off season trying to exclusively hone his own skills, he’s taking the time to help hone the skills of others. I suppose teaching others helps one go back to the fundamentals in the end.



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