MLB Rumors: Atlanta Braves Might Trade for Justin Upton After All

By David Miller
Justin Upton
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

Trade rumors certainly happen regularly around this time of the MLB off-season. The amount of Justin Upton rumors might set a new standard, however. Part of the reason for so much buzz is the potential for Upton to land via trade with the Atlanta Braves, playing alongside his big brother B.J. Upton. Those talks have been distant to non-existent and hot at times as well. Now they apparently are as hot as they have ever been.

Since Upton nixed his trade to the Seattle Mariners, rumors of him ending up in Atlanta with his brother hit a new high almost weekly. I speculated in an article here on Rant Sports that the reason Upton might have nixed that deal was the potential to play with his brother. It is known that the Uptons have talked before several times about how great it would be to play with each other. Now, it looks like that might really happen.

The Braves have money so that is no reason for it not to happen, unlike countless no-deals in the past. They have great pitching, which is what the Arizona Diamondbacks covet, so that’s no reason either. Basically it seems like the only remaining factor is the D-Backs getting back with the Braves on their most recent offer. I think this would be a great deal for both sides.

I was a fan of the Braves when a first place finish seemed like a pipe-dream. Then the incredible winning streak was unbelievable as well. If they complete this trade for Justin Upton, the Atlanta Braves might well have the best outfield in baseball. That makes me smile. Close the deal Frank Wren! It’s worth it!

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