Sammy Sosa Looking to Retire No. 21

By Ben Leven
Wrigley Field MLB

When Sammy Sosa retired from MLB, he wanted to take his number with him. When he did retire he had high hopes that his number would be retired with him.

“That is something I’m looking forward to, that I want to happen,” Sosa said about having his number retired. “I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t happened before. … I represented that number for 14 years. That number should have been retired a long time ago.”

No. 21 is a number both Sosa and Mark McGwire wore well, but it still has time left before we see it retire. That is not necessarily the primary issue on Sosa’s agenda, but that he wants to see his name along, McGwire’s in the Hall of Fame. Here is what Sosa said in that regards.

I think (McGwire and I should be in). I’m not going to come here and jeopardize my future. Time will determine everything. I am not somebody who is going to go out there and say nothing I don’t want to say. Definitely time will determine everything.”

Yes Sosa, time will determine such matters. But I am afraid that fans and officials don’t forget. It is a shame that you and McGwire tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. It is much appreciated that Sosa is waiting so patiently for his hearing.

I’m not sure Sosa should be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Sosa has done so much, but much of that will always be in question. Sosa should just hold off that possibility and focus on his political career.


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