San Francisco Giants Left Field Plans

By Steven Robles
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the off-season, San Francisco Giants fans knew that left field was going to be a big question mark. Who would pick up the offense that the Giants were getting from left fielder (most of the season) Melky Cabrera? It was obvious that Cabrera wasn’t likely to return and although Gregor Blanco filled the void last year, he isn’t the full season answer.

The Giants kicked the tires on a few outfielders and ended up signing a fan favorite from the 2010 World Series team, Andres Torres. However, I don’t see Torres as the solution in left field either. Manager Bruce Bochy will likely platoon him with Blanco in left, or give the bulk of the playing time to whoever is hot.

Torres is a career .241 hitter with 30 homers, and hit .230 last season for the New York Mets. Blanco’s numbers aren’t anything to write home about either. Blanco is a career .253 hitter with seven homers, and only hit .244 for the Giants last season. However, Blanco did manage to steal 23 bases, which is more than Torres (13) in 2012. Let’s also not forget that half the Giants games are at AT&T Park. Which is notoriously known as a pitcher friendly park.

Every die-hard Giants fan knows GM Brian Sabean likes to make deals near the trading deadline. With every position pretty much locked for the Giants, I envision Sabean pulling the trigger and acquiring a decent bat to play left field at the deadline. If they somehow aren’t in striking distance to fight for the NL West or Wildcard. We could see the Giants parting ways with Hunter Pence for prospect since he’s in his walk year.

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