Bud Selig: Cincinnati 2015 All-Star Game to be ‘Profound Celebration’

By elizabethdelaney
Frank Victores-US Presswire

Cincinnati, OH – MLB commissioner Bud Selig made a special trip to the Great American Ball Park on Wednesday to make two major announcements. The room full of about 300 people buzzed with excitement as they anticipated MLB’s past, present and future about to converge, all in one press conference.

One announcement was about opening a youth MLB urban youth academy inCincinnati. But the one that everyone was waiting for and that brought the room to cheers and a standing ovation was about the 2015 All-Star game. Yes, it’s going to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2015, right inside the Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds.

That particular year will mark the 86th mid-summer classic, and the first inside the Great American Ball Park. The last time the Cincinnati Reds got to host an All-Star game was back in 1988 in Riverfront Stadium. So 2015 will mark the fifth time that the Reds, the first of the MLB teams, have had that honor over the course of their history. The years in which the others were hosted were in 1938, 1953, 1970, and 1988.

Bud Selig publically promised that the 2015 All-Star game would be so spectacular that Reds fans who attended the last one in 1988 would not even recognize it when the 2015 All-Star game takes place.

“The All-Star game remains a celebration of all that’s best in baseball since it has been and [since] the idea came about in 1933,” Bud Selig said.

“The scale of our festivities today is stunning. The growth of the All-Star game has mirrored the remarkable growth of the national past-time itself.  We offer many family-friendly activities such as fan fest so that all of our baseball fans can enjoy an incredible baseball experience.” Bud Selig continued, “It’s a six day event…this will start on [the] Thursday before a Tuesday game and that weekend will be remarkable. You’ll have people coming from all over to see it.”

Another plus that Bud Selig pointed out is the anticipated economic benefit: “People make different projections, but I would say to you that within the last five or six years that we’re talking anywhere from 80 – 100 million dollars.”

In terms of strengthening community, Bud Selig said that the New York Mets and Minnesota Twins, who are serving as the 2013 and 2014 All-Star game hosts, are already experiencing, “remarkable enthusiasm among their fans.”

Bud Selig went on to note that, “The history of Major League Baseball cannot be told without the story of Cincinnati and all those who have been a part of this great Reds tradition,” and that, “I believe that the 2015 All-Star game will be a really profound way to celebrate Major League Baseball in our sport’s oldest franchise, the Cincinnati Reds.”

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