Giancarlo Stanton at Crossroads With Miami Marlins

By Jeric Griffin
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins are becoming the Dallas Cowboys of baseball in that they make a truckload of personnel moves that either don’t help them in any way or actually hurt them. Since July of 2012, the Marlins have traded 12 players:

Hanley Ramirez

Randy Choate

Edwards Mujica

Gaby Sanchez

Anibal Sanchez

Omar Infante

Heath Bell

Jose Reyes

Josh Johnson

Mark Buehrle

John Beck

Emilio Bonifacio

For what? They literally got nothing in return. Their fire sale in November resulted in a handful of Toronto Blue Jays prospects that are years away from helping the team. The one thing the Marlins have that’s consistent is Giancarlo Stanton, who was not happy with all the personnel moves, to say the least.

Now heading into 2013, the Marlins are coming off a season that resulted in 93 losses and now, without any help for Stanton, 100 losses could be a real possibility. Things could get even worse if all the trade rumors regarding Stanton don’t stop. This guy is supposed to be the franchise’s cornerstone going forward, but even he’s apparently not safe. No wonder he was–and likely still is–upset with the team. How can a franchise start building for the future when it won’t stop taking the foundation out from underneath itself? If Stanton is the franchise piece, the team needs to start acting like it. Otherwise, those fancy new fish tanks at their stadium will just be sitting there with no one to see them.

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