Will the Miami Marlins Ever Be Relevant?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins tried last season to become relevant through several free agent acquisitions and bringing in Ozzie Guillen to be the clubs’ manager. It was supposed to be a new era in Marlins’ baseball with a new stadium and a change in spending how the club was going to conduct business.

It ended up being a disaster. On top of questions centered around the financing of the team’s new stadium to stupid comments made by Guillen, last season was on a crash course to disaster. The team lost 93 games and attendance become optional. This forced the team to trade away the high-priced free agents they acquired in 2012. Additionally, the team fired Guillen. The firing of Guillen wasn’t a shock but the dismantling of the team after one season wasn’t what the doctor ordered for a team looking for relevance.

Since the Marlins began play in 1993. In that time, the team has won two World Series titles (1997 and 2003). To put this in perspective, only the New York Yankees have won more championships in that time. The Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants have the same number of titles. And yet, the Marlins have to essentially beg fans in South Florida to attend their games. The only time they’ll draw is when other teams’ fans attend games.

With a new stadium, the Marlins aren’t going to move. But the decision to keep this team in South Florida leaves more questions than answers. Marlins’ fans are unhappy with ownership, but how can you blame the ownership group when fans don’t seem to care? As a Chicago Cubs fan (including one that suffered through the 2003 NLCS), I would love to see a World Series winner at least once.

Until the fans of South Florida commit to the Marlins, they’ll be a small-market team. It is a shame because they should be so much better.

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