Chicago White Sox Bring Back Zach Stewart

By Evan Crum
David Banks-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox have added another arm to their pitching staff. The White Sox required pitcher Zach Stewart after the Pittsburgh Pirates designated him for assignment. This marks the second time that Stewart will be joining the White Sox.

A little history on Stewart: the White Sox first acquired Stewart from the Toronto Blue Jays when the White Sox traded Mark Teahen and Edwin Jackson. The White Sox also received Jason Frasor in that deal. In 2012, Stewart didn’t do much with the White Sox. He was 1-2 and posted a 6.00 ERA in 30 innings of work. The White Sox traded Stewart and Brent Lillibridge to the Boston Red Sox for Kevin Youkilis a move many considered very shrewd.

Stewart saw extensive time with the Pawtucket Sox which is the Triple A team of the Red Sox. At Triple A, Stewart was 3-5 and posted an ERA of 3.94 in 59 innings of work. The Red Sox then traded him to the Pirates later in 2012.

What exactly does Stewart bring to the White Sox? He isn’t considered a great pitcher. I will quote White Sox GM Rick Hahn in the reason that the White Sox brought Stewart back. Hahn said that the reason Stewart was brought back was because he wasn’t expensive. He also adds depth to the bullpen and he has big league experience.

If Stewart makes the club out of Spring Training he will be the long reliever and a spot starter. That is what he is, and like Hahn said he didn’t cost the team a lot of money. I don’t think the acquisition of Stewart hurts the team. Oh, and I guess that the White Sox really won the trade over the Red Sox. Not only was Youkilis productive for the White Sox, but they got one of players they traded for him back.

Nice move.

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