MLB Rumors: Will The Chicago White Sox Trade Brent Morel?

By Evan Crum
Steve Bisig-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox might have found a spot for Brent Morel. That spot would be another team. I don’t know why but a of couple teams are interested in Morel and the White Sox should take advantage of this. The sooner, the better with Morel.

Morel has a bad back. That is pretty much a death sentence for any player but especially at third base. If it wasn’t for a bad back, Joe Crede would still be playing. He would be the first one to say that. Morel’s bad back hampered him all through 2012 with the White Sox and in the minor leagues. That is one of the reasons the White Sox had Orlando Hudson on the roster and then traded for Kevin Youkilis. They didn’t have a third baseman.

The White Sox now have Jeff Keppinger who is going to be the everyday third baseman. I don’t see Morel getting a lot of playing time. Regardless of what Robin Ventura says. Ventura said at SoxFest that Morel will be in the mix to play at third in 2013. I believe that Ventura will give Morel some playing time in Spring Training but I doubt he will break camp with the club.

In December, the Miami Marlins were interested in acquiring Morel. There still might be some interest there. I don’t know what the Marlins offered the White Sox. However, the White Sox should accept the trade from the Marlins or any trade with any team that wants Morel.

I feel bad because Morel had a lot of potential. Still, I would rather the White Sox trade Morel now before he gets hurt again or before he shows that his back is still a problem.

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