Chris Sale Gains 15 Pounds from Protein Diet

By Bryan Lutz
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA TODAY Sports

Chris Sale was one of the most dominating pitchers in all of baseball last season. Along with Jake Peavy, the duo helped the Chicago White Sox control the American League Central for a majority of the season. Unfortunately for Sale and the Sox, however, they both ran out of gas before reaching the finish line, losing to the eventual division and American League champions Detroit TigersIn order to avoid this type of mishap again, Sale has decided to put on some weight this season, hoping that it will help his durability.

Sale has reportedly put on 15 pounds during the off-season from consuming protein-enriched meats, but that wasn’t the only thing Sale did to help his body. Sale also hired a personal trainer that took him out of the swimming pool and put him on a Pilates program. I don’t know why a man would admit to doing Pilates, but hey, whatever helps you out, Chris.

If the White Sox want to compete at all this season, they will need Sale to do even better than he did last season, which is a very tough feat to accomplish, seeing as Sale finished sixth in Cy Young voting. The White Sox probably have one of the worst five offenses entering the 2013 season, figuring players like Alejando De Aza and Alex Rios will likely regress, and the newly acquired Jeff Keppinger isn’t going to hit .320 again.

With a hopefully newly buffed up Sale, the Sox are hopeful he can give them 200+ innings. If Sale does throw that many innings, it’s possible he could put up a fWAR over 6.0, giving the Palehose an outside chance of being competitive in 2013.

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