Frank Thomas Makes Voice Heard On Hall Of Fame

By Andy Schmidt
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Thomas is a massive human being and one that no one would want to pick a fight with so when Thomas says something, people listen. I saw that Thomas, who is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next year, said that he basically has no respect for the players of the steroid era. I don’t blame Thomas one bit for saying those things and I think it is fairly obvious Thomas will make the Hall next year but there is going to be a day where some of those players end up next to him in the Hall.

I’m not happy as a baseball fan with what we have found out over the last number of years with the rampant steroid use in Major League Baseball and that a lot of big stars were doing it. I’m very confident that Thomas wasn’t one of those players using and should make the Hall of Fame without any problem at all. The problem I see with Thomas is that I don’t think he realizes that what happened can’t be erased and sometime in the next decade, voters will put players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens in.

Is it right? Probably not if they cheated to become a better player but it is the fact of the matter. Thomas should be happy with how his career went and how he didn’t use those performance-enhancing drugs. He is in on his own merit to any sane baseball fan with over 500 home runs. I don’t blame him for being angry about it but we will all just have to deal with the events of the last 10-15 years.

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