Kansas City Royals 2013 promotions: Retro Night

By Bandon Decker
Opening Day
Denny Medley – US Presswire

The Kansas City Royals recently announced their promotional lineup for 2013 and in addition to the hopes of on-field success, the Royals do have some excellent looking giveaways to make the decision about to which games to go (seeing as ‘all of them’ is not really an option for the vast majority of us, however nice it would be) that much easier.

This year the Royals are bringing back ‘Retro Night’ complete with a give away of a retro style powder blue jersey. Retro Night is good fun even without the jersey though as at least last time they had it they also had the retro style in game entertainment. To say that it was a step up from the usual rubbish would be a massive understatement. Instead of the inane woman with the voice so high pitched only dogs can hear her properly there is the traditional organ music between innings. I don’t know exactly when the organizers of the in-game entertainment decided that they needed to make the actual baseball take a backseat to flashing lights and loud noises, but it was a grievous mistake. Retro night is one night out of 81 in which it is corrected.

The specific date this year is 8 June against the Houston Astros. Not exactly retro opposition with this being the first year they are in the American League, but there are still a couple of reasons to want to go to this game. Not only do their recent struggles mean that at least right now one would make the Royals favorites to win (and everyone wants to go to a game where their team wins), but even though they are in the American League now fans still have not got much of a chance to see them yet. I am looking forward to it and it is definitely on my list of games to which to go this year.

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