Top 30 Hottest WAGS of Major League Baseball

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Top 30 Hottest WAGS of Major League Baseball

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The 2013 Major League Baseball season is almost upon us, which means it is once again time to rank the top 30 wives and girlfriends of professional baseball players.

The top 30 list changes from year to year due to divorces or simple break ups. There are a few women from the 2012 hottest WAGs addition that did not make the cut because they do not meet the prerequisite of still dating a MLB player. There have also been new hot ladies to hit the baseball scene, which has pushed some of last year’s finest out of the top 30.

The one thing we have learned at Rant Sports is that professional baseball players love their Playmates. Numerous players in this year’s top 30 are dating or have married some of the hottest women to grace the pages of Playboy magazine over the years. We are definitely not holding anything against the likes of Alex Rodriguez or Hunter Pence. Anyone in their position would take the most of the opportunity that has presented itself being a professional athlete. We just find it an interesting coincidence that baseball players date more Playmates than any other sport (to our knowledge).

It was not easy compiling this year’s list as pretty much every player has a beautiful wife or girlfriend. Also, you may not agree with the order that these WAGs are ranked in but the important thing to remember is the placement does not matter. What only matters is if you agree if they are attractive.

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30. Kristen Travis


Starting pitcher Jared Weaver not only tosses no-hitters and wins games at a ridiculous pace, but he also happens to be married to Kristen Travis, the No. 30 WAG on this list. It is hard to believe Weaver has never played the field since becoming a professional athlete but marrying his college girlfriend is cool too.

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29. Karen Burnett


Karen Burnett, wife of starting pitcher A.J. Burnett, is definitely the hottest WAG on the Pittsburgh Pirates. By that count, she also probably takes the title of most attractive women in the city of Pittsburgh. The organization got a solid starter and Pirates fans got at least one reason to travel to the ballpark.

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28. Lindsay Clubine

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The former Deal or No Deal model and Get OUT! travel documentary show host has given Lindsay Clubine much pleasure in her life. Now that she is no longer working in the business (as far as we can tell), it is nice to know she now brings a shining light to her husband of three years: starting pitcher Clay Bucholz.

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27. Dallas Latos


Not much is known about starting pitcher Mat Latos’ wife Dallas Latos besides the fact that she probably already misses the sunny beaches of San Diego after Mat signed with the Cincinnati Reds last year. However, Dallas is getting by with her own blog on MLB Blog Network explaining what it is like to be married to a professional baseball player.

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26. Emily Greinke


Emily Greinke married her high school sweetheart starting pitcher Zack Greinke. The Miss Daytona Beach USA 2008 winner and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader stays busy these days by being involved in charity work. She is also credited with keeping Zack involved in baseball early in his career when his social anxiety disorder almost forced him to quit the game.

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25. Susannah Moreland


Susannah Moreland is another name you may have never heard but she is definitely someone you will want to remember. The longtime girlfriend of first baseman Mitch Moreland tied the knot over a year ago. The couple have known each other since their early teens and stayed connected on and off over the years. Susannah was supposedly involved in the Miss Alabama pageant a few years back but since she didn’t win, no one believes this to be true.

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24. Krystle Campbell


Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader and second grade teacher Krystle Campbell married slugger Ryan Howard on December 1, 2012. She was also on the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress which was a way for her to make some extra money before her wedding, not like she needed it considering who she married.

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23. Jennifer Utley


Chase Utley has had a hard time staying healthy these last few seasons and that is probably because of who he has waiting at home for him every night. You would play hooky too if your wife was as hot as Jennifer Utley.

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22. Joanna Garcia


Joanna Garcia married Nick Swisher after being together for about a year. The successful actress who is known for shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark, Reba and Gossip Girl also appeared in movies American Pie 2 and Not Another Teen Movie. These days she is heavily involved in charity work and is still working in the entertainment business.

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21. Missy Coles


Fitness competitor Missy Coles is married to second year pitcher Michael Schwimer. And yes, we can’t figure it out either.

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20. Amber Marie Seyer

Arnold Turner/USA TODAY

Barry Zito’s smoking hot wife Amber Marie Seyer finished in the top 10 of the Miss USA contestant in 2007. She is now an actress who was recently seen in The Change Up starting Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.

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19. Brooke Sorenson


Left fielder Laynce Nix’s career has been dwindling for years but he found a way to overcome this by marrying the gorgeous Brooke Sorenson. The Ex-Cowboys cheerleader will do her best to keep her husband afloat even if he can’t do the same on the field.

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18. Michelle Damon


Michelle Damon has dreamed of a life in sports broadcasting but since that has yet to take off she will have to settle for being Johnny Damon’s wife. Rumors have suggested Michelle was a former stripper even though several people have slammed this claim, including Mr. Damon himself. However, one fact that is true is that she is notorious for getting into fights with other player’s wives.

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17. Heidi DeRosa


Heidi DeRosa, wife of left fielder Mark DeRosa, is a retired fashion model and mother of two. However, you would never know this by looking at photographs of her. By that, we mean having given birth to two children. We certainly believe she was a fashion model.

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16. Heidi Strobel Hamels


Heidi Strobel is our first Playboy alumni on this list. The wife of Cole Hamels famously posed for the magazine after she stripped during a show of Survivor: The Amazon in which she was a contestant. Now that Cole has signed a ridiculously wealthy contract, Heidi mostly spends her time dropping by random TV documentaries such as E! True Hollywood Story.

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15. Amanda McCarthy


Swimsuit model Amanda McCarthy is married to pitcher Brandon McCarthy. The two shared the spotlight on the cover of ESPN the Magazine and Amanda writes daily on her blog about what it is like to be married to a professional athlete “and all the crazy adventures that comes with it”. We assume that last part has to do with her traveling to many of Brandon’s away games.

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14. Torrie Wilson

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when WWE Diva and Playmate Torrie Wilson would have been No. 1 on this list. However, with age comes great responsibility and that responsibility is now being at Alex Rodriguez’s side at all times. I wish I could say she does more with her life these days but that’s pretty much it. Maybe another stint in Playboy is in the cards.

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13. Brittany Binger


Grady Sizemore recently got engaged to drop dead gorgeous model Brittany Binger. The 23-year-old Playboy Playmate and Cleveland Indians outfielder have planned a summer wedding… in the middle of the baseball season.

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12. Kim DeJesus


Right fielder David DeJesus somehow managed to land the insanely beautiful Kim DeJesus and convince her to marry him. Besides being involved in charity work, Kim is trying to become an actress and can be seen in three movies coming out in 2013.

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11. Rima Fakih


Rima Fakih became the first Lebanese-American to win the Miss USA pageant in 2010. She also won a radio contest called “Stripper 101” which forced the Miss USA pageant to launch an investigation. However, she still held her title when it was all said and done.

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10. Lisa Dergan


Lisa Dergan Podsednik is married to outfielder Scott Podsednik. The former Playboy Playmate has evolved her career into become a sideline reporter for various sporting events. She speaks fluent Japanese and is a talented golfer.

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9. Larisa Fraser


Life is good for Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun. The slugger is the face of the franchise, has a huge fan following and is best friends with Aaron Rodgers. He is also engaged to lingerie model Larisa Fraser. Which of the four would you rather have?

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8. Jamie Kotsay


Many people have questioned how Mark Kotsay was able to woo the gorgeous Jamie Kotsay. There is only one person who could care less how he did it and that is Mark himself.

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7. Aura Avila


Shortstop Ronny Cedeno has been around the league for eight years and is a .247 career hitter. How he got a wife as hot as Aura Avila is beyond me but I am assuming it has something to do with the fact that they are both natives of Venezuela. Oh, and that he is a professional baseball player.

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6. Marikym Hervieux


Russell Martin has had an on again, off again relationship with French Canadian model Marikym Hervieux. As of right now, it appears they are once again a couple so we are going to keep her on this list. Fans of the TV show Entourage may recognize her from one episode in which she played Josh Weinstein’s girlfriend.

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5. Lauren Anderson


Shortstop Reid Brignac has accomplished very little on the baseball diamond but I seriously doubt he cares considering what he has won off the field. Brignac is dating the very attractive Lauren Anderson who is yet another former Playboy Playmate on this list. Lauren spends her time these days taking care of her child that she had with Reid as well as promoting PETA.

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4. Shannon James


Hunter Pence certainly knows how to pick them. He has dated bikini models and cheerleaders but now it seems former Playmates is what he is after. Pence met former Playboy Playmate Shannon James while attending a charity event and managed to get her number. Shannon has appeared in multiple magazines including Maxim and Hooters.

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3. Jaime Edmondson

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Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and Playboy Playmate (that makes six for those of you counting at home) Jaime Edmondson is the girlfriend of Evan Longoria. Jaime was also a contestant on the TV show The Amazing Race and is currently pregnant with Longoria’s kid. To be the face of a franchise and have a ridiculously hot baby mama. If only we could spend just one day in the shoes of Longoria.

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2. Audris Rijo


Audris Rijo has made quite the jump up this list from previous years but I feel she deserves the spot. Starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez struggled mightily on the mound this past season but he probably doesn’t mind considering how hot his model girlfriend is. Audris is a former Miss Dominican Republic and has appeared on an Univision show.

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1. Diana Roberts


Diana Roberts regains the No. 1 WAG spot for 2013 by continuing to stay in shape and remain the hottest woman associated with Major League Baseball. How second baseman Brian Roberts ever got the attention of his insanely beautiful wife is beyond me but good for him. I suppose being the face of a franchise certainly helps. Diana is the winner of the 2006 Miss FHM and is a former Deal or No Deal suitcase model. She has also stated that she saved herself for marriage so if you didn’t hate Brian already, now you at least have a reason to.