Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Contest Was a Great Idea

By Devin O'Barr

With the NFL‘s popularity sky rocketing in recent years, it’s hard for the MLB to maintain a young and stable fan base without completely changing the game. Growing up on baseball I could never leave the game but, the Milwaukee Brewers are doing a wonderful job swaying those who are on the fence.

This winter the Brewers launched “Design a YOUniform” –This contest was made to the public as anyone was allowed to submit a drawing that they thought would best describe the storied Milwaukee history. After two months of sifting through the best and worst designs, a panel made up of closer John Axford and general manager Doug Melvin (and plenty of others) finally reached a vote.

Now, the Brewers went with a more vintage look but, Richfield, Minn native Ben Peters could not be ore ecstatic as the design below belongs to him. When asked about what drove him to this specific drawing he said he “always loved vintage designs and the Barrelman logo was always a neat look.”

The design works for me as it gives me a break from a society that has become so fascinated with the new and shiny rather than tradition. This old-school design is awesome but, it’s the process that had me jumping for joy.

Finally a MLB franchise is connecting with its fans like they should–the fan is the one who pays nearly 100$ to see even a sub-par team. I believe every team should hold a contest like this as it’s fun, awards creativity and grows your fanbase. Hopefully other teams have noticed the success of this particular event and do more fan-friendly activities.

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