Alex Rodriguez Linked to Performance Enhancing Drugs Again

By Christopher Gamble
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to controversy, and it looks like his name has surfaced in yet another developing scandal. Rodriguez’s name has appeared in a report by the Miami New Times that details the client list of the Coral Gables-based Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic that may have supplied performance enhancing drugs to some notable athletes.

While at the moment it is unclear whether or not Rodriguez used any banned substances such as human growth hormone, anabolic steroids, and testosterone, to have his name linked with the drugs is yet another black mark on a career that at one point was one of the brightest in the game.

Rodriguez, you will remember, admitted to using steroids in a highly publicized press conference in 2009 where he admitted he used steroids in 2003. However, he swore he has been clean since then.

Now, once again Rodriguez will be asked about using performance enhancing drugs. At the moment Rodriguez’s name has been mentioned in Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch’s hand-written notes that link Rodriguez’s name to purchases of HGH, synthetic testosterone and insulin growth factor-1. The records begin in 2009 and continue all the way through this past season.

It is important to note that Rodriguez hasn’t tested positive over the last couple of seasons through MLB’s performance enhancing drug testing. However, MLB will begin random HGH testing beginning this season for the first time.

In his 2009 press conference, Rodriguez admitted to using steroids only from 2001-2003. He repeated again and again that he had stopped using in 2003. However, according to the evidence it now appears he may have purchased performance enhancing drugs shortly after that very press conference.

Major League Baseball, the Player’s Association, and the individuals named have not made public statements yet in response to this article. There are several other Major League players that are mentioned in the article, some of whom have recently tested positive for banned substances. Bartolo Colon, Manny Ramirez, and Melky Cabrera are among the names mentioned.

The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez have not responded to these new allegations. Rodriguez is out until at least July after undergoing a second hip surgery and could potentially miss the entire season. The Yankees investigated voiding Rodriguez’s contract the last time Rodriguez’s name was linked to steroids. Now, with age and injury clearly taking its toll, the Yankees might, and I say this without knowledge of what path the Yankees will take, try and find a way to void Rodriguez’s contract to remove his five-years, $114 million he is still owed from their books.


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