Bud Selig Must Fix MLB Problem

By Andy Schmidt
Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball has struggled in recent years keeping the young fans involved in the sport and recent data should show Bud Selig that things are not as good as he may think with the game. This past weekend’s National Football League Pro Bowl got a 7.7 television rating while last year’s World Series got a 7.6 rating. Those numbers should prove to Selig that something needs to be done if your championship series can’t beat an exhibition game.

The biggest thing that Selig should consider is possibly shortening the season where it won’t have to compete with the NFL as much. I love the 162-game schedule myself but when you see numbers like I mentioned, I’m for shortening things up. Selig may need to think about a season that lasts between 110-125 games where the season ends in late September or early October instead of the end of October or early November when the NFL season is in full swing.

The playoffs have to start before the NFL season gets going so fans are already involved in the playoffs before their favorite NFL team starts. The youth of America is moving more and more towards football and away from baseball. It could be the length of games or the short attention spans that people seem to have these days, but something must occur right now about this and it can’t wait. Selig should have each team play their divisional opponents 12 times per year and six games against every other team in their own league with 15 interleague games. That would make a 123-game season and that would work for me.

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