With Another PED Accusation, it's time for the New York Yankees to Get Rid of Alex Rodriguez

By Nik Swartz
Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
Tim Fuller – USA TODAY Sports

Once again, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s name is being linked to a PED clinic. As if the superstar’s image has not taken enough hits over the past decade, he again finds himself knee-deep in the middle of  investigation of a clinic that is associated with all forms of PEDs.

Rodriguez is not the only big name, as many other MLB players are on the records of Biogenesis – the problem is his name being linked at all.

The man that reportedly ran the program, Anthony Bosch, is said to have disappeared from Miami as the walls of his clinic were coming down. After the story broke, Rodriguez issued a statement, saying the reports about him were untrue, that’s great, but why is his name always involved?  Just a coincidence?

The fact that there is another clinic supplying professional athletes with drugs is no surprise; what may not be surprising, but is becoming increasingly annoying is Rodriguez’s name always being linked to one. He has adamantly denied he has used any form of a performance-enhancing drug for over a decade; although his credibility is becoming less and less believable.

Not only is this company based out of his hometown, but he is coming off another surgery. Rodriguez is getting older and it is no secret he is a very egotistical man to begin with, so anything to get him back on the field and playing close to how he once did, makes it hard to believe he is not juicing again.

The big question isn’t what MLB does about this, but rather what do the Yankees do? The team has to be about fed up with their over-paid star always being involved in something that draws attention away from him as a player and brings unneeded attention to the team. This, of course, happens with less than a month before pitchers and catchers report, which will have every Yankee from Derek Jeter to Joba Chamberlain being asked about what they think about this issue.

Again, Rodriguez is taking focus off the team; again, Rodriguez is being accused of using PEDs, so it is time for the Yankees to let him go.

Reading the report, it looks like the authorities and eventually MLB will have a lot of evidence against the aging slugger, so he most likely will be facing some form of punishment. Since he wasn’t supposed to come back until the middle of July anyway, the Yankees have to find a way to get rid of this cancer to their team.

Even if Rodriguez somehow squirms his way out of this and comes back to the team and contributes; why should the Yankees even bother? It seems very unlikely he will be able to get out of this one with his name appearing 16-times throughout the report on the clinic. This isn’t just anyone saying they heard, or one person coming forward linking Rodriguez, this is a three-month investigation into the clinic by the New York Times.

Also, Bosch kept a personal notebook that charted 50 clients and notes of where they received the drugs, Rodriguez is on his list as number seven and it shows how much money he paid and what drugs he received. This notebook is from 2009, but to believe that he only did it in 2009, or wasn’t doing it up until Bosch got his tail out of town is not believable. The list in 2009 has the drugs Rodriguez reportedly used, in addition to the amount. After reading down farther, Rodriguez’s name pops up again and it has record of him paying through April 2012, it even says when he has to make another payment.

This has to be it for the Yankees and Rodriguez. Maybe the team will not be as good as it would have been when he came back in July, but this is getting old. The New York Yankees could take a big stand here, which may lead to other teams following and finally putting the integrity of the game first, finally ridding baseball of all of these juicers. Some will argue that it will never end and that may be true, but the Yankees have complete power to at least end Rodriguez’s time with the team. Right now, these are just allegations and may not be enough to stand up in a court, but the Yankees can still do the right thing and release Rodriguez today.

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