Bobby Valentine Would Break Sacred Heart's Heart

By bertdesalvo
Bobby Valentine Sacred Heart
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According to reports from the Connecticut Post, Bobby Valentine, former Boston Red Sox manager, has interviewed for the Athletic Director position at Sacred Heart University.

Sacred Heart, located in Farifield, Ct. is just minutes away from Valentine’s residence in nearby Stamford, Ct.

Valentine was fired as Red Sox manager after an embarrassing 69-93 record. Considering all of the optimism that surrounded the Red Sox, who were picked by many baseball analysts to represent the American League in the World Series and win it, the 2012 season may have been the worst ever.

Although plagued by injures, Valentine’s main issue was that he was a poor communicator with Red Sox players and that he was stubborn and could not make the necessary adjustments as the manager to get his players to believe in his baseball philosophy.

Kevin Youkilis, a Red Sox fan favorite and highly productive player, was traded essentially because he and Valentine had no relationship. Even Dustin Pedroia, was forced to come to the defense of Youkilis, upon hearing Valentine’s comments regarding Youkilis’ play.

Valentine continued to talk to the media throughout the season and once again poorly represented the Boston organization in an interview he had with WEEI’s Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley, when he threatened to punch Ordway in the mouth in reference to Ordway saying that Valentine had “checked out” on the season. Valentine later said he was joking about the comment.

Either way, now Sacred Heart is considering him for their top position in their athletic department. One can only imagine why.

Valentine has no collegiate experience in his coaching or professional career. In addition, college kids tend to do some pretty childish things. Whether it is getting in trouble with the law, simple pranks or just acting like fools, nothing is above college students.

Likewise, some of these same student-athletes have “helicopter” parents who would not hesitate to call the athletic director if they felt their son or daughter was being mishandled.  Valentine would not be able to treat these student-athletes or their parents like he would a professional baseball player. His legendary stubbornness and hot-headed temper could surely make for some interesting meetings within the athletic department.

Please say a prayer for Sacred Heart if they hire Valentine.

If they do hire him, let’s hope he does not break their heart.

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