Is This Paul Konerko's Last Season?

By Evan Crum
Steven Bisig-US Presswire

There is a possibility that 2013 could be Paul Konerko’s last season not just in a Chicago White Sox uniform but in his career. I hope that isn’t the case but there is a possibility it could be.

A year ago, Konerko was asked by Comcast Sports Net Chicago Chuck Garfien if he was planning on retiring after 2013. Konerko said “Yeah, in all reality I would see it ending after next year or maybe another yeah. I mean, at some point you got to go home and be around your kids and have other things to do.”

Now it is 2013 and Konerko was asked if his on field performance would affect his thoughts on retiring. Konerko said “Don’t look at the numbers, that if things are going well [in 2013], that necessarily means I would play [after this season]. And the reverse of that is true, too.” I hope that Konerko still plays after 2013 and plays for the White Sox.

If Konerko retires after 2013, I wouldn’t fault him. In his career before the 2013 season, Konerko is a .283 hitter. He has driven in 1336 runs, has hit 422 home runs, and has 2,183 hits. He has a World Series ring, a six time All-Star, the 2004 Come Back player of the year, and was the 2005 ALCS MVP. These are all amazing awards and numbers. No matter what, the numbers will go up after 2013.

I don’t’ want to see Konerko to retire after 2013. I love watching him swing the bat, and I just love watching him play. However, if he does decide to retire I would rather it be in a White Sox uniform then in a different uniform. It is still weird knowing that Frank Thomas played his last game in an Oakland Athletics uniform.

White Sox fans; let’s enjoy 2013 even more because it could be Konerko’s last.

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