Miami Marlins Pick Up "Best Stuff In Organization" Sam Dyson From Toronto

By Thom Tsang
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t try to make a habit of saying too much about waiver-wire pickups, but when that waiver wire pickup is a young arm who has been touted to have the best stuff in his organization…well, it’s probably worth a few words.

Said arm would be Sam Dyson, formerly of the Toronto Blue Jays, and now with the Miami Marlins, who picked him up off waivers earlier today.

If you’re not familiar with the Blue Jays organization, Dyson’s 40.50 ERA (three runs on 0.2 IP) is what’s immediately going to jump off the page, but this is a 24-year old who ascended the Blue Jays system quickly enough to make his major league debut after jumping three levels in his first year of pro ball.

Add to the fact that Dyson missed the entire 2011 season because he was recovering from Tommy John surgery, and what you have here is a remarkable story of a prospect arm with remarkable achievements. Just ask John Farrell, the former Blue Jays manager, who said that Dyson’s power repertoire “maybe the best overall stuff in the organization” just after his call-up.

That would be high praise coming from a scout, but when it comes from a major league manager who used to be a former pitching coach, it’s enough to give you a bit of pause from thinking that he’s simply exaggerating.

The Toronto Blue Jays, who had wanted to sneak Dyson through waivers when they needed to make room for Mark DeRosa, simply didn’t have room to keep him on the 40-man. With the team’s bullpen being crowded as it is, Dyson was the inevitable odd-man-out.

For the Marlins, though, the addition of Dyson gives them a near-MLB ready prospect who could potentially help the team as a reliever in 2013, or future down the line if the team decides to continue grooming him as a starter.

For a cost of a spot on the 40-man (at the expense of outfielder Kevin Mattison), it’s a good pickup for a team with little to lose.

Waiver-wire pickups don’t usually generate a lot of buzz because they tend to end up on back on waivers more often than not; but, I have a feeling Dyson might be one of those guys who end up sticking around.

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