Colorado Rockies Sign Marc Magliaro

By Ben Leven
Colorado Rockies MLB
Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

The Colorado Rockies are excited to welcome the exciting MLB prospect, Marc Magliaro, Magliaro is excited as well. Magliaro signed with the team on Thursday and he couldn’t be more excited. Magliaro has worked hard and has been a dominating player in both high school and college.  Magliaro is a graduate of Rowan University. Magliaro had this to say about his new found success.

“The whole experience is pretty surreal. It is a dream come true. It goes to show you that hard work does pay off. Without God, my family, friends and the Rowan baseball team, none of this would be possible.”

Magliaro signed to play as a pitcher for the Rockies and will begin his spring training on March 1. In his college career Magliaro was an outstanding shortstop and was a relief pitcher. Magliaro was a starting shortstop all four years and had a .328 batting average in 164 games. Also I might add, he scored 115 and drove in 85, hitting 32 doubles and stealing 39 bases along the way. Magliaro was named second team All-New Jersey Athletic Conference.

This kid is a stud and some new fresh blood for the Rockies will make all the difference in the world this season. Not only that, but Magliaro deserves a chance to play at the next level and really get to prove his worth in the big leagues. One of Magliaro’s former Rowan coaches capitalized on this fact.

“He is a great student-athlete and has worked very hard throughout his career. He has earned the opportunity to play at the next level.”



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