Logan Forsythe: Taking Fly Balls

By Ben Leven
Logan Forsythe MLB

Nothing is better than a man who is well rounded in his intended field, be that an electrician who can also carve or a second baseman that can cover far in the outfield. Last season, the San Diego Padre’s had a pleasant surprise in their second baseman Logan Forsythe. Last season Forsythe had an average of .273 in 91 games and showed potential to play different positions. Like I said, a pleasant surprise none the less to have in one of your newer players.

Forsythe was tasked with taking fly balls this week at Petco Park, as the Padres plan on making Forsythe into a human Swiss Army knife, baseball player, to cover multiple positions. Hey why not? If there were more players like Forsythe, we would only need like nine players to a team.

Forsythe seems to be pleased, with his new multiple roles on the field.

“I think it’s very beneficial, especially if I can get comfortable out there. Anything that I can do to help the resume.”

There’s nothing like a little extra experience to beef up the old resume and to beef up those stats.  However, Forsythe did not adapt to this move that well at first, which is natural when traversing new grounds, despite one’s ability. Forsythe had seven of his 12 errors with the initial move, in 35 games.

Forsythe admitted, at first things were not looking great for him out there, but when things calmed down for him, they started to pick up.

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