Minnesota Twins Kyle Gibson Looking for Rotation

By Ben Leven
Kyle Gibson MLB

The Minnesota Twins Kyle Gibson may be a healthy pitcher ready to fire off his arm, but is it time for him to get back in the team’s rotation? Tough call, Gibson is a strong pitcher and he is healthy to play. But he’s been on the rack since 2011. Back in November of 2011, Gibson underwent Tommy John Surgery on his right elbow. Right now, the Twins dilemma will be just how much of Gibson’s innings do they want to limit?

Gibson is expected to play somewhere between 130-140 innings this season. Not a terrible outcome for Gibson, like all injured athletes, you can’t just throw them back in the swing of things and expect him to perform at his peak. Twins manager, Ron Gardenshire offered his insight on the Twins website.

It all gets down to the organization and what they want and how they want us to handle him. We’ll sit down as we go along. We know restrictions are going to be there, I’m sure. I’ll talk to [general manager] Terry [Ryan] as we go along. The first thing is to get him out on the field and get him going through the same things that everyone else is. I’m sure he can’t wait to do that, and get right in the middle of the program. He’s ready to do that with no restrictions.”

No restrictions could be good, but it could run the risk of straining Gibson’s arm. Let us remember it’s been almost two years since he’s been on the field, why wear him out so soon?


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