Tampa Bay Ray’s Sam Fuld's Redemption

By Ben Leven
Sam Fuld MLB

Legends come in go in this sport, heck any sport. Legends are born every day; we just have to be patient for them to find their platform. Sometimes, a legend can ride on the waves of their own greatness too fast and he needs to stop, putting their journey of success on hold. However, given enough time and patience, the legend will rise again to be at the top.

Tampa Bay Ray’s Sam Fuld, is a man riding high and riding far, one of the best the sport of baseball has ever seen. Last season, Fuld had a great 2011 season with the Rays. Fuld can learn new positions quickly, is a great defender and his batting average is incredible.

However, Fuld, spent most of the 2012 season recovering from surgery, from torn ligaments in his right wrist. Fuld is feeling healthy and is ready to start playing again to reassert his dominance in the MLB. Fuld feels he should be getting as much playing time as possible, despite being out for nearly two years.

                “I’m definitely ready to [compete for a job]. Obviously so much of what happens in baseball is out of the player’s hands, so I can only do what I can do. But if I’m given the opportunity to play on a regular basis, I’m absolutely ready to take on that challenge.”

Fuld is right, it’s not completely in his hands, and he can only do so much. Let’s not ignore his stats last year; .255 average, five RBI’s seven stolen bases and 14 runs scored in 2012. Let this man complete his legacy.

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