Toronto Blue Jays: A tale of Two Pitchers

By Ben Leven
Sergio Santos MLB
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

There is only so much room for every player to get his chance to play. There are only so many positions in this game. Who is to say which player is worthy and which is not? Well that’s easy, the team owners.

Last season the Toronto Blue Jays signed Sergio Santos for the seasons closing pitcher, but was out after only six games, due to a right shoulder injury. Now Santos is healthy and ready to compete again in 2013.

“It’s so exciting, and I think that’s what I’m looking forward to most, knowing that when I get to Spring Training, I can close the chapter on 2012. I’m going to use it as a humbling year, gain some experience that way. This is a very humbling game, and now I have the fight and hunger more than ever to get back and prove who I was in 2011.”

                Santos can deliver fastballs, change-ups, you name it. Santos has incredible strike out potential. Unfortunately, after being injured only after six games, it’s hard to make clear heads or tails of how good he really can be on the Blue Jays.

With 2012, a thing of the past, along with that stupid Mayan Calendar, it’s time to move forward with the 2013 season, Santos is looking to start the year fresh as the closer. The only thing that may put a damper on that plan is the spot has been filled by Casey Janssen.

Janssen has done a good job in the role, but Santos should be given another opportunity at the closing spot to show how dynamic he can be.

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