Should the Milwaukee Brewers Sign Dice-K?

By gilgerard
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers are in an odd position. They went from having two nasty guys at the top of their rotation to only one and a ton of prospects. Even though a few of those prospects have good arms, there’s no reason to believe they’ll be the next Felix Hernandez. With that being said, the Brewers could be one of the worst teams in the national league this year even though they have Ryan Braun, and I think they need a veteran arm to help them out. Enter Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Dice-K has gone from being the hottest talent across the globe to one of the laughingstocks in baseball. He’s been out of shape and injured and there’s speculation he’s headed back to Japan. This is why the Brewers should make a call.

Dice-K has had success at the big league level and has won games. You don’t need him to be the best pitcher on the staff, but I believe he can still pitch effectively. Coming back form Tommy John is not an easy accomplishment, and it takes guys a good year AFTER returning to start feeling normal. (if you’re curious to how I know this- I had Tommy John Surgery…done by Dr. James Andrews)

The Brewers could get 160-180 innings out of Dice K, and let him throw out of the three slot in their rotation. You aren’t going to have to pay the guy so honestly- what do you have to lose here if he wants to pitch in the United States? I’d like to see the Brewers make a move here and remain competitive in the NL central. I think it would be a shame if they just fell from grace as quickly as they rose to it.

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