The Houston Astros Won the Jed Lowrie Trade

By gilgerard
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros made an outstanding move today, trading Jed Lowrie to the Oakland A’s for three prospects. Normally, you wouldn’t hear me be congratulatory of the Astros after trading arguably it’s best player in 2012, but this was a trade that needed to happen. Lowrie came over from the Boston Red Sox and performed pretty decently as a member of the Astros. However, with the Astros being terrible and going to be terrible for a few years, there was no reason to hang on to him. They did a great job maximizing his value.

The Astros picked up Max Stassi, Brad Peacock, and Chris Carter from Oakland and I’ll tell you what- the Astros are going to be happy about this. I was fortunate enough to watch Stassi play when he was a member of the Kane County Cougars (now a Chicago Cubs affiliate) multiple times. In the games I watched, I was impressed by his bat speed and his raw power, but you can tell he still had a long way to go in terms of plate discipline. Raw power at the catcher position is hard to find so if they can develop this kid- he has the potential to be a 25 home run guy at the big league level.

Peacock was the key in the Gio Gonzalez trade, and even though he didn’t impress as much as I thought he would in Oakland, he’s still got a power arm and the opportunity to be a really good big league pitcher if he can stay healthy.

Again, love the trade for the Astros and hopefully I end up being right on Stassi and Peacock.

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