Arizona Diamondbacks Brandon Webb's Heartbreaking Retirement

By Ben Leven
Eric Webb MLB
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

As I sit here covering various articles at my desk, I’m seeing a pattern in what it is I’m covering and that is injuries. Be those injuries from NBA or MLB, I am seeing too much of it. Injuries can make men at their physical peak appear weak and frail. Injuries end the careers of living legends and bring upon questions of what could’ve been.

Yesterday, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb retired from the sport of baseball. In 2006, Webb won the Cy Young award and was also a three time MLB All-Star. Webb was at the height of his career with that golden arm of his. However, Webb suffered a series of shoulder injuries from 2009-2012, putting his career on a downward slope.

After three attempts at coming back, Webb officially called an end to his short, albeit impressive career. According to the Arizona Diamondbacks official MLB website, Webb had this to say on his sudden retirement.

                “I was at the top of my game, at the top of the game and then it was just suddenly over. My dad said, ‘At least you didn’t have to struggle, at least you went out on top.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, but I would almost have rather have tapered off, because I think that would have been easier for me rather than just suddenly be done.'”

This is incredibly heartbreaking. Some believe it is better to burn out than fade away. Webb is not a man who believes this sentiment. Injuries make or break a man. Webb had an outstanding career and should be proud for all that he has done.

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