Colorado Rockies: It's Time for Some Tough Love

By Joe Morrone

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In a lot of cities the thoughts have turned to baseball, now that the football season is complete. In Colorado, however, thoughts have turned towards NFL free agency and the draft. That’s because there’s virtually nothing to look forward to when it comes to the Colorado Rockies.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There are a lot of Rockies’ fans who enjoy going to Coors Field and enjoying the experience. I get it; there are few places better on a summer night in Colorado. The weather is perfect, the views are incredible and the tickets are reasonable. The problem is if the fans keep showing up, nothing is ever going to change on the field.

It’s a fine line, I would never tell anyone not to go to a baseball game if they enjoy it. I know many families who go to the games as a family and whether the Rockies win or not is not important. The other side of that, though, is that the Rockies ownership has no incentive to spend money if the stands are full or even half full. Dick and Charlie Monfort care about one thing: money. And if there are 30,000 people a night at Coors Field, then why would they spend any more?

If the fans truly want things to change, then they have to quit going to the games. Calling into sports talk shows, writing letters to the newspapers and complaining to your friends has no impact on the Monforts. If they cared about winning then why is Dan O’Dowd still the general manager? O’Dowd has been the most inept executive in sports and the Monforts love him, why? Because he will do anything ownership wants him to do.

The one and only thing that is going to get the Monforts attention is a hit in their pocketbooks. A big hit. If fans want to make a statement, don’t go to opening day, go to a few less games and don’t buy concessions if you do go to a game. If there were only 15,000 people at opening day, and 7,000 people there for weeknight games, then the Monforts would pay attention. It may or may not change their approach, but nothing else will.

If fans of the Rockies truly care about their team, then it is time for some tough love. The only voice fans really have is their money, take that away and owners will notice. As long as people are showing up to the games, the Monforts couldn’t care less what you are saying about them on the radio.

The Rockies are ultimately responsible for the lack of success on the field but the fans do play a part. Again, I’m not blaming the fans, but just pointing out that you can’t have it both ways. If you enjoy going to the games and the results don’t matter to you, then go and have a good time. There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you ever want to see October baseball in Colorado again, then it is time for the fans to speak up by not showing up. It’s called tough love for a reason.

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