Is Anyone Surprised Ryan Braun is Linked to PEDs?

By Jeric Griffin
ryan braun peds
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nowadays, any MLB player is a hero if he’s not linked to performance-enhancing drug (PED) use. The long list of players who allegedly received such drugs from the Biogenesis clinic just keeps getting longer as Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun‘s name is now on it. Anthony Bosch from the Biogenesis clinic reportedly distributed the drugs to Braun and a slew of other big-time ballplayers, including Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera. The three names listed in this paragraph alone have been linked to some sort of banned substance use at least once before, so is anyone surprised that Braun’s name is on the list with the others from Miami?

In 2009, A-Rod admitted to using steroids in 2003 and the years immediately following. Now he’s in a contract dispute with the New York Yankees after stinking it up on the diamond and in the batter’s box over the past two years and, of course, the allegations from Miami. One columnist called his entire career a fraud, which is pretty accurate at this point.

Cabrera’s 2012 Triple Crown title was heavily contested due to his suspension for positive testing for PEDs. Now Braun has been linked to the same thing twice, so why should we even think for a second that he’s innocent?

Braun tested positive for illegal synthetic testosterone during the 2011 MLB playoffs, so these new accusations aren’t really surprising. If he wasn’t a big-name slugger like Rodriguez and Cabrera, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, it is a big deal because his entire career (which includes an MVP) could also be a fraud.

Now the superstar in Milwaukee is just another baseball player who’s making a truckload of money for lying. Is this ever going to end? Probably not. If you’re a super anti-steroids/PEDs advocate, don’t read too much into it. This isn’t the first list, it won’t be the last and it’s likely that nothing will come of it.

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