Kyle Farnsworth and Kelly Johnson on the Tampa Bay Rays

By Ben Leven
Kelly Johnson MLB
Rick Osentosk-US PRESSWIRE

Lo and behold Tampa Bay Rays fans, Kyle Farnsworth and Kelly Johnson have been added to the roster. Welcome back Farnsworth and welcome Johnson. Farnsworth signed a one-year, $3.25 million contract with the Rays in 2011. Now in 2013, he has signed a contract that is worth $1.25 million. This will be his third year with the Rays. Between six other teams or so, he opted to go with the Rays. Here is what he had to say on why he decided to return to the Rays.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able play for Tampa the last two years. … Being able to be close to my family and spring train here and play here is pretty hard to beat in any situation. It’s a great young team coming up, the way the guys play and the way the organization is run is top notch. … That’s pretty much why I came back.”

Johnson, recently a free agent, came from the Toronto Blue Jays and signed his one-year contract with the Rays for $2.45 million. Johnson’s time with Toronto was short but memorable–he hit his 100th home run when they faced the New York Yankees. It would seem that Johnson will be put on second base with the Rays.

“I don’t think second base is a need for a lot of teams this year. And coming off kind of a disappointing year, I wasn’t expecting to be Shane Victorino or Josh Hamilton. But I knew it was going to happen later. There were about three or four [other] teams [interested],” he said.


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